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As the country’s leader in decoration technologies, Arcus offers a full line of Direct to Film printing equipment and supplies. DTF allows you to print incredibly high-contrast, full-color designs on a special film that can be transferred onto almost any kind of fabric or textile. Arcus UV DTF allows weatherproof high contrast printing to nearly any non-porous surface. Add to this Arcus' unrivaled technical support and manufacturing consulting, and DTF could mean unlimited sales potential for your business.

Direct to Film Benefits

Fast Turnaround Time
Arcus sells roll-to-roll Direct to Film printers, which combine printing, drying and shaking in one unit. This reduces set-up time dramatically. Arcus UV printers have a very small footprint and prints are already cured and ready for use from the time they leave the printer.

Special white ink printed on the back of designs achieves vibrant, detailed imagines, especially on darker backgrounds.

DTF ink penetrates deep within a fabric or textile once it’s transferred using heat, protecting against peeling, cracking and fading. UV DTF ink is UV cured and protected by being encapsulated in a varnish layered exterior.
DTF printing can be used on a wide variety of fabrics and textiles including cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, nylon, spandex, silk, neoprene, rayon, hemp, leather and more. UV DTF printing allows for weatherproof printing on nearly any non-porous surface, including glass, plastics, metal, etc.

Any printing errors or typos can be caught on the transfer versus on a completed shirt or destination surface.

DTF film costs less than $0.70 per square foot to print.

Seize the opportunities of DTF printing by combining best-of-breed products with Arcus expertise, customer service and manufacturing consultation.