DTF Printers and Shakers/Heaters

Arcus Pioneer DTF Printers are offered as part of our Complete System Package.
They include operation-ready PC, design and RIP software, inks, film, and installation.

DTF Air Filtration System for Pioneer DTF System

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High Volume Commercial Printing for ALL!

High Volume

Industrial Epson I3200 print heads allow for maximum print speeds producing 55-110 linear feet per hour!

Build Quality

Production build quality that ensures durability and performance insuring reliability when you need it most.


Wide range of materials, such as cotton, polyester, leather, denim, and more. Allowing you need to create custom t-shirts, bags, shoes, or accessories.

Training & Support

World class training to teach you how to be operate your equipment like a pro. Assistance when you need it most with technicians located across the nation.

DTF Printing VS DTG Printing

Time is Time

  • Little to NO Print Head Clogs
  • No Pre-Treat Chemicals
  • No Need to DRY the shirt at all
  • Lower Ink & Adhesive Cost / Compared to Ink & Pretreat
  • Press times that are up to 5 TIMES FASTER than DTG
  • No Need to Pre-Press
  • Parallel Processing and Assembly

Industry leading RIP software

Includes CADLink Digital Factory

Everything you need in a single Direct to Film (DTF) software package. With an unbeatable set of features, Digital Factory Direct To Film Edition includes a combination of file preparation, colour management, and production automation tools.

Arcus DTF Printer Regular Maintenance Walkthrough Videos

Cleaning Wiper Blades and Capping Station

Performing a Nozzle Check

Head Cleaning

Using the Media Guide

Burping the Line for White Ink

Wet Mode

Cleaning Head Ramps

Cleaning Guide Rail and Encoder Strip

Clamp/Unclamp Ink Supply Lines

Alignment Procedures