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Arcus Printers Introduces the Barracuda Conveyor Flatbed Cutter for Precision Cutting in Direct-to-Film Printing

Arcus Printers Introduces the Barracuda Conveyor Flatbed Cutter for Precision Cutting in Direct-to-Film Printing

HIGH POINT, NC, April 15, 2024—Arcus Printers, a leading provider of innovative decorating equipment, has released the Barracuda Conveyor Flatbed Cutter, a cutting-edge solution for precise and continuous roll-to-roll cutting in direct-to-film (DTF) and UV DTF printing. This versatile machine caters to a wide range of materials, including DTF film, stickers, vinyl, paper, and carton boxes, offering kiss-cut, full-cut, and creasing capabilities.

“The Barracuda Conveyor Flatbed Cutter is a game-changer for DTF cutting,” said Rick Marcelo, Director of Technology at Axiom America, the parent company of Arcus Printers. “The Barracuda’s dual tool carriage with camera function allows for precise registration mark reading and QR code automation, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every cut. This machine is designed to elevate the cutting experience for decorators, offering unmatched versatility and performance.”

Key features of the Barracuda Conveyor Flatbed Cutter include:

  • Dual tool carriage: Double tool holders allow multiple tool types or blade depths to be on the machine simultaneously for increased production speed and less downtime for tool changes.
  • Camera function and QR code automation: The optical camera recognition system allows for precise cut-through and/or kiss-cutting of graphic bounding boxes or contours.
  • CADlink RIP software integration: Facilitates a smooth workflow between printing and cutting with barcode scanning support.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of software formats: Supports AI, Autocad, CorelDRAW, SignMaster, and more.
  • Touch display screen: Provides an intuitive user interface for easy operation.

The Barracuda Conveyor Flatbed Cutter offers a cutting area of 27.5 inches x 35.4 inches and a cutting speed of up to 31.5”/sec (1-800mm/s). Its cutting thickness is <= 1.2mm, and its cutting pressure is 1000g, making it suitable for a variety of cutting applications, including DTF, UV DTF, laminated graphics, stickers, packaging, and patterns.

Arcus Printers is committed to customer satisfaction and offers industry-leading training and support for the Barracuda Conveyor Flatbed Cutter.

For more information about this cutting-edge machine and other decorating equipment solutions, visit Arcus Printers at


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