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Arcus Printers Launches UV DTF Transfer Sheets for UV Flatbed Printers, Offering Speed and Cost Efficiency

Arcus Printers Launches UV DTF Transfer Sheets for UV Flatbed Printers, Offering Speed and Cost Efficiency

Arcus Printers, a leader in innovative decorating equipment, is excited to introduce A/B transfer sheets for UV flatbed printers, providing a significant enhancement in efficiency and application versatility for decorators. This allows decorators to expand their existing flatbed printer’s capabilities to include UV DTF transfers.

“Our new UV DTF transfer sheets are a game-changer for the industry,” said Brad Belk, sales director at Axiom America, the parent company of Arcus Printers. “They allow for high-resolution, weatherproof prints on a variety of non-porous surfaces without the need for direct printing setups. This not only saves time and reduces costs, but also expands the range of items decorators can customize, from drinkware and phone cases to awards.”

Key Benefits of UV DTF Transfer Sheets:

  • Increased Print Speed: Instead of printing direct-to-substrate, now you can print transfers you can adhere to hard goods four times faster, enhancing production efficiency and reducing turnaround times. When printers use rotary printing, as on drinkware, they print 75% slower than producing a flat transfer on a UV flatbed printer.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Eliminates the need for setup templates and/or jigs. Instead of printing on curved items, you can print high-quality prints immediately on a transfer. 
  • Save On Setup Time: Decorators can produce transfers in advance and apply them as needed to various products and substrates.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for a wide range of non-porous surfaces, including glass, plastics, metal, and more. Perfect for customizing drinkware, phone cases, awards, and other promotional products without needing custom direct-print setups. 
  • New Sales Channel: You can also produce custom or personalized decals to sell to end-users to apply to their own items.
  • High-Resolution, Durable Prints: Achieve high-contrast, full-color designs that are water- and scratch-resistant, ensuring long-lasting results even on challenging materials.
  • Weatherproof and Long-Lasting: UV ink is UV-cured and encapsulated in a varnish layer, providing superior durability and protection against environmental factors when applied properly.

About UV DTF Printing

UV DTF (direct-to-film) printing allows decorators to print high-resolution designs on nearly any non-porous surface. This innovative technology enables the creation of durable, full-color designs without the need for adhesion primers, making it perfect for awards, promotional products, and other high-value items. With the ability to adapt to both flat and curved surfaces, UV DTF printing offers unparalleled versatility and creative freedom.

Arcus Printers is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional customer support. For more information about our new UV DTF transfer sheets for UV flatbed printers and other decorating equipment, visit Arcus Printers at

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