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Arcus Printers Releases Monarch UV DTF Printer for Decorating Hard Goods

Arcus Printers Releases Monarch UV DTF Printer for Decorating Hard Goods

Arcus Printers, a provider of industry-leading decorating equipment, announces the release of the Monarch UV DTF printer, designed to revolutionize the way decorators imprint hard goods and promo products, from phone covers to glass drinkware. This innovative printer uses UV DTF technology, allowing for pressure-sensitive transfer design application on various hard substrates, including plastic, glass, wood, metal, and more.

“Our new Monarch UV DTF printer opens up exciting possibilities for apparel decorators,” said Brian Belk, Managing Director at Axiom America, the parent company of Arcus Printers. “UV DTF printing allows you to print high-contrast designs on nearly any non-porous surface, including glass, plastics, metal, and more – perfect if your shop offers awards or other promo products. This innovative technology allows decorators to expand their product offerings and enhance their business capabilities.”

The Monarch UV DTF printer features three Epson print heads, allowing decorators to print on various materials. The Monarch’s production-build quality ensures durability and performance, while its low imprint cost per print saves shops time and money.

Key features of the Monarch UV DTF printer include:

  • Three certified Epson I3200 print heads: Ensuring unparalleled print quality and reliability.
  • High-speed production: Prints at a rapid 70 square feet per hour for an efficient workflow.
  • All-in-one solution: A streamlined printing process that eliminates the need for additional steps like lamination. The UV printer prints white, color, and varnish, and then laminates the film in one seamless process that is ready for immediate use.
  • Built-in water chiller: Ensures consistent UV light curing for optimal results every time.
  • Innovative white ink system: Features a recirculation system with ink tank agitation for consistent performance.
  • CADLink Digital Factory Direct to Film RIP Software: This add-on empowers decorators with advanced control and precision.

Arcus Printers is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction and industry-leading training and support. The Monarch UV DTF printer comes with CADLink Digital Factory Direct to Film RIP Software and a one-year warranty.

The benefits of UV DTF printing for decorators are :

  • Weatherproof, high-resolution printing on difficult materials: Achieve high-contrast, full-color designs on nearly any non-porous surface, from plastic to glass, perfect for awards or promo products. Traditional UV printing on materials like glass and metal used to be difficult and required adhesion primers, but this is no longer the case with UV DTF application.
  • Versatile application: Adaptable to flat and curved non-flat surfaces, allowing for creative freedom on all types of products, from phone cases to glass drinkware.
  • Durable transfers: The product produces durable, water- and scratch-resistant decals for application to non-flat surfaces with simple pressure application and no weeding.
  • Long-lasting products: UV DTF ink is UV-cured and protected by being encapsulated in a varnish-layered exterior, ensuring an even longer-lasting design on glass, metal, or other non-porous surfaces.

For more information about the Monarch UV DTF printer and other decorating equipment solutions, visit Arcus Printers at

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