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Use UV DTF Printing for Promotional Products to Expand Your Business

Use UV DTF Printing for Promotional Products to Expand Your Business

As a screen printer, you understand the power of customization and personalization in creating unique products for your clients. UV DTF printing could be the answer if you want to take your business to the next level and offer more than t-shirts and apparel. This cutting-edge technology lets you easily imprint high-quality promotional products and awards, expanding your product lineup and attracting new customers.

The UV DTF process uses specialized equipment to print your artwork directly onto a film, transforming it into a transfer printing method. This unique approach enables decorators to efficiently produce vibrant designs suitable for a wide range of purposes and substrates. With UV DTF technology, you can achieve pressure-sensitive applications on hard substrates like plastics, wood, glass, and metal. 

A UV DTF printing machine uses UV ink and AB film and involves laminating. The DTF process allows you to print a logo or artwork directly onto the film, eliminating the need for ink or toner. This innovative method opens up a world of possibilities for screen printers looking to expand their product line to include promotional items and awards.

How DTF Makes Expanding Into Promo Products Easy

Check out 10 reasons why UV DTF printing transfers can help your screen-printing shop expand its product line to include hard goods products and awards.

1. Expand your product range right away – and personalize your offerings.

Custom UV DTF transfers allow your shop to diversify beyond apparel to include a broader range of products, from drinkware to awards to signage, attracting new customers and increasing revenue streams. When you partner with a reputable UV DTF transfer printer, you can customize hard goods like phone cases and attractive awards with logos, names, and designs, adding a personal touch to your products.

2. Stand out as a one-stop customization shop.

Offering unique and customizable hard goods products and awards can give you an immediate competitive edge and broaden your customer base. Personalized options that attract customers seeking custom printing solutions will also position your business as a one-stop shop for customization across a full spectrum of products, from apparel to promo products to awards and signs, enhancing your brand image and reputation.

3. Create high-quality designs every time.

A DTF transfer allows you to print vibrant, full-color, photorealistic designs with an unlimited color palette of CMYK hues. Direct-to-film printing lets you produce color gradients, blends, patterns, defined edges, fine lines, details, and free-floating text, so you can quickly and easily give your clients exactly what they want on promo products and awards.

4. DTF lets you print on a wide variety of products.

DTF printing lets you weatherproof print high-contrast designs on nearly any hard, non-porous surface, including glass, plastics, metal, and more. This is perfect if your shop wants to expand into promo products like drinkware, phone cases, and awards.

5. Create designs that go the distance.

UV DTF ink is UV-cured and protected by being encapsulated in a varnish-layered exterior for a longer-lasting design on glass, metal, or other non-porous surfaces. This ensures the design doesn’t peel, crack, or fade, which your customers will appreciate.

6. Customize designs for customers in a flash.

Instead of requiring expensive setup or prepress work, you can quickly prepare a custom design for a client, making it ideal for specialty projects or smaller print runs. Additionally, you can review the transfer for any errors before applying it to a product, avoiding finding misprints after applying the transfer.

7. Apply logos or designs to any part of an item.

Use a heat press or curing oven to apply your transfer to any part of a hard goods product or award. By adding designs to multiple areas, such as the front, sides, or back, you can enhance your product’s retail appeal and value, offering clients a fully customized product.

8. Efficiently handle orders of any scale and complexity with DTF printing.

With DTF printing, prints can be cured directly onto the transfer film, allowing you to store press-ready artwork indefinitely. This capability enables you to manage larger print runs before needing any hard goods or awards and facilitates the production of bulk components such as names or athletic numbers.

9. Enhance corporate stores and employee recognition programs with DTF printing.

If you want to broaden your service offerings by managing and fulfilling web stores, DTF allows you to effortlessly and rapidly produce and ship hard goods and awards on demand. DTF will also enable you to create one-color logos or full-color designs with impressive texture and detail, perfect for enhancing corporate branding or employee recognition programs.

Your shop can also cater to seasonal and event-based markets, such as holidays, weddings, and corporate events, with customized hard goods products and awards.

10. DTF printing is a cost-effective, fast decorating method.

DTF printing presents a cost-effective and efficient decorating method. Many decorators initially outsource their transfer creation before committing to an in-house setup, which can be a significant business investment.

Take the Leap With UV DTF Printing

Adding UV DTF printing to your screen printing business can be a game-changer. Not only does it allow you to expand your product line to include a variety of promotional items and awards, but it also opens up new opportunities for creativity and customization. Investing in UV DTF technology can differentiate your business from competitors, attract a broader range of clients, and ultimately increase your revenue. So why wait? Leap and explore the possibilities of UV DTF printing for your print shop today.

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Article first published in Screen Printing Magazine's July/August 2024 issue.

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